The optimal pond care with the right pond filter against algae

How you can build a cheap pond filter against algae for optimal pond care itself quickly learn here!

Here on we provide a wide variety of building instructions available. Our most popular manual is the pond filter with rain barrels. This already enjoys great popularity for many years. No wonder, since the effect is for everyone who has to filter replicated, always surprising. Because the earlier "green water" caused by floating algae is clear at once.

But why is the filtering effect so high?

Very easily. You build by our building instructions a pond filter, which is big enough for all the dirt, which produce the pond and the fish. Our filter works mechanically and biologically. We use small pond pumps, so firstly, the electricity bill is not surprisingly high, and secondly, our filter works according to the proven principle stages. That's a huge advantage for the filter bacteria.

Why and when should I build a filter itself?

  • when the water is green, makes the UVC lamp with the filter the clear pond water
  • not agree the water values, help us here the filter bacteria during further degradation of contaminants
  • a homemade pond filter I can completely customize for my pond and not vice versa
  • individual components I can replace easily as needed, without having to buy a new filter equal
  • I can expand the filter at any time
  • the filter commercially in our dimensions are available as complete ready-filters often very 
  • expensive and require a lot of power
  • I can itself determine which pond filter material I use
  • it also makes a lot of fun and you can be proud of its own filter DIY


All our building instructions can be downloaded from our website for free. You can then print it out and take the relevant instructions with in the garden or pond. You also do not sit all day to read the instructions on the computer. Therefore, the printing of instructions is already useful and is recommended by us.

In our pond store world, you will find all the products you need for filter construction. Thus, you can buy everything from a single source, and do not need to gather together the troublesome components. Who does not want to build the pond filter itself is found equal to the complete filter sets, in which the holes are already drilled and sawed cover. You need the filter thus only build and can these same into operation. Since we work exclusively with screw you also do not need cumbersome work with glue, etc., as we do not have to wait until it is time dried.

Neighbourhood propaganda

Not infrequently it happens for many years that a neighbor of one of our customers report to us, who has seen the pond filter of this in action. For us, a sign that this filter time and again creating positive surprises!

On the subject of solar at the pond we have created the solar worlds. There you will find everything you need for a small solar grid system at the pond. Of course, we have also provided instructions for you to enable the construction of the solar system is quick and simple to perform.

Brand new in our store the is pond blog. There you can learn about current topics to pond and solar technologies. You can also make comments on it when you see a post not so much or quite well likes. We are pleased about each entry. There are waiting a lot of videos, drawings and pictures to you. This is to the building instructions are represented even less complicated for you.

The pond care with the right pond filter is very important because you do not just clear water, but also break down pollutants. To bring the water levels back into the normal range. One should anyway equal to if you want to build a pond, install from the very beginning a proper filter. So you prevent painful experiences over the loss of beautiful Koi and other pond fish in advance.

Of course we also report generally about pond construction. So how, for example, should lay pond liner correctly and how to route the hoses and cables underground. For hobbyists, we have asked the PVC world available, with their components can be put together very individual PVC fittings.

Now enjoy unhurriedly your stay on our website and be inspired by our building instructions. You will quickly realize that it's not too hard to build a pond filter itself. There are only a few very important points to consider and then can go wrong really nothing more.


The team of wish you now much fun exploring our website !!!